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 Yellow Moves TeaCrates The All Rounder Crate
This general purpose plastic crate is lidless which makes it versatile when packing, and bale arms allow these crates to be stacked.
This moving crate is suitable for moving house or commercial removal.
 Yellow Moves TeaCrates The Book Mover Crate
The A6 is designed to carry bulky loads such as books. It's also ideal for lateral filing systems which can be transferred directly from the filing cabinet, into the crate for easy storage and transportation.

The crate is a metre long, and includes bale arms for stacking whilst protecting the contents, but as with all our crates, the A6 can also be nested when empty. This moving crate is suitable for commercial removal.
 Yellow Moves TeaCrates Flat Screen Pc Crate
This crate is specially designed to move and store computers with flat screen monitors, and relevant accessories. The crate is designed to be compactly filled, which reduces the risk of screen damage during relocation. (Moving Crate Storage-Shipping)
 Yellow Moves TeaCrates The Personal Crate
The LC1 plastic crate is small and compact, and therefore ideal for packing up personal items, such as desk contents and journals.
The crate is designed to hold items that are A4 in size, or smaller.
 Yellow Moves TeaCrates

The plastic LC2 Crate
is larger than the LC1 and smaller than the LC3.

It's a medium sized crate which is popular with our customers for crate rental.It is tough and robust, with an integral lid that can be sealed using our security seals, thus securing the contents. This moving crate is suitable for international shipping or commercial removal.

 Yellow Moves TeaCrates The Standard Lidded Crate
The LC3 is our standard lidded crate.  It's robust and strong and often used for files and papers during removals. It has an integral lid which can be sealed shut. This moving crate is suitable for moving house or commercial removal.

Our plastic lidded crates are weatherproof and can be stacked when the lids are closed, and nested when empty.
 Yellow Moves TeaCrates The Lidded Metre Crate
The LC6 is similar to the A6, but includes an integral lid for added security and protection for the contents. These crates can be stacked when the lid is closed, and nest when empty. 
 Yellow Moves TeaCrates
The Computer Crate Storage/Shipping
IT1 - This crate is specially designed to hold up to a 21" CRT computer monitor, all sizes of CPU/computer,
and related equipment such as the mouse and keyboard.

This moving crate is suitable for moving house or commercial removal.

Please check our Box Shop for range of moving and storage boxes. We also offer a very affordable man with van service for moving your boxes and crates.

We provide London removal and storage services for the following areas:
Barnes, Camden, Chiswick, City of London, Ealing,. Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames, Putney, Mortlake, Sheen, Richmond upon Thames, Shepherds Bush, Sutton, Tower Hamlets.Wandsworth, Westminster. (SW1, SW3, SW4, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8, SW11, SW13,SW14, SW15, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12, WC1, WC2, NW1, NW5, NW8, NW3, NW6)

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